What Clients Say

“ I have a high regard for Carys in her field of work. She has helped me deal with many areas of my life. Thank you”


“Carys is extremely professional and knowledgeable with regards to my condition”


“I find the sessions very helpful and leave with advice and feel like i have something to do for next session. Carys is very good and helpful”.


“I am so happy with my care so far! I felt she understood, I’m looking forward to ‘the new me’ at the end of my course of therapy. Thanks again”.


“I have had previous counselling sessions over the years, I have found the present sessions with Carys Williams to be the best and most beneficial. Thank you”.


“We have been delighted to use the services of Dr Williams over the past year in supporting us in the delivery of relevant and age-appropriate advice to our senior pupils in respect of healthy eating, drugs and sexual health.

Her sessions were planned with care, encouraging pupils to raise questions and her professionalism meant that the response to our pupils demonstrated her clear understanding and incitefulness about the topics that were being discussed.

Dr Williams has also offered individual counselling and is currently working with a Year 6 pupil, helping her to deal with a range of health related matters.

Dr Williams is a reliable and trusted colleague within this school and I would like to commend her for the work she has done in this school and the professional standards that she has exhibited whilst with us.

We will value a continuing link with her.”